Home Alarms & CCTV

While it may not seem an immediate priority – there are few property owners, tenants and home owners that would not rank protection from theft near to the top.

It’s a sad fact that burglaries do happen, but you can cover yourself for loss, and show your insurance companies that you are serious about preventing loss. Each security job that we complete is matched to the building, we assess your property and your security requirements and match this information with a camera and alarm system that will be unique to you.

Our CCTV systems can be installed on the same day as call out. We have a wide range of systems available that provide fully recordable, high-definition security footage that you can view at home and on the go from your mobile devices.

Both of these services can be specified for both business and domestic, are fully warrantied with a labour guarantee and spare parts available in the unlikely event of breakage later down the line.

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Commercial CCTV Systems

We partner with Total Building Maintenance CCTV Contractors to help install commercial CCTV equipment using NVR and DVR systems.

There are many advantages of having retail, bank or building security cameras installed for your business. Other benefits include:

-Protecting your assets: You can use the footage from cctv camera to identify if someone has stolen any equipment and then take legal action against that person (i.e. shoplifter).

-Identifying problems before it gets out of hand: You have the footage to prove that your employees are not at fault if something goes wrong, thereby saving valuable time and money.

-Protecting the quality of your service or product: Using cctv can help identify if any complaints are genuine or not.

-Ensure safety of your employees: With cctv installed at work, you can make sure that everyone is safe while working in the office. This will be helpful if someone falls or gets hurt while working on a project etc. You can view the images to make sure everything is okay.

-Identifying security threats to your employees: You can easily identify if someone suspicious is loitering near your office.

-Identifying loss prevention problems: Using cctv will help you identify whether someone has slipped something in your customer’s bag as they leave the store etc.

You can view the footage from any computer or laptop and ensure that everything is going smoothly. You can also make sure that the staff is working safely and productively at all times.