Electrical Faults & Repairs

Electrical appliance and component faults are perfectly natural part of home life and maintenance. Single appliance faults are often as simple as changing a fuse, and although it may seem small, you MUST take these things seriously as they are safety hazards, and can put you and your home at risk of fire or further electrical failures.

What Should I Do When I have Multiple Appliance Failures

If you have multiple appliances failing at the same time, there is clearly a bigger issue. You can call us free at any point to advise in this process, contact page here. Reset your fuse box and test the appliances one by one. If that doesn’t work, replace the fuse there (if you’re handy) and test again.
If you have done the above and seen no success, it’s lucky for you that Abbey Electrical Engineers are on call, on the clock and on the job (depending on the severity of your problem) immediately – 24/7 with our Rescue Service.

Get Rescued within 24 hours

When there’s an electrical fault in your property’s circuitry infrastructure, locating the fault can be tricky, which is why our Engineers use Abbey Electrical Fault Location Strategies to successfully diagnose the issue, explain it jargon-free to the customer, fix it quickly and be away with minimal disruption, after getting you up to speed on aftercare. Unless you are a qualified electrician DO NOT attempt to undertake these repairs yourself.

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